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Success Stories


Sweetwater, Texas-based company

Seeking to obtain a line of credit at a local bank in Sweetwater, TX, guaranteed by Sweetwater Economic Development starting at $300,000.00 up to a maximum of $500,000.00 for the purpose of expanding its leased drivers and trucks operation and develop a brokerage division for a period of 3 years subject to extension by Sweetwater Economic Development on request.

Sweetwater Economic Development provided this line of credit which is subject to review by Sweetwater Economic Development every 6 months during the 3-year guarantee.

In addition to the guarantee of the line of credit and in order to facilitate the expansion of Dent Truck Lines, Inc. and indirectly increase job opportunities in the Sweetwater area, Sweetwater Economic Development shall also underwrite a performance bond on behalf of Dent Truck Lines Inc. in the amount of $75,000.00 over a period of 3 years, which may be entered for (2) 1-year options at the discretion of Sweetwater Economic Development.


Orange, Texas-based company

Logistics Support, Inc. is seeking to lease from Sweetwater Economic Development, 2 diesel locomotives capable of pulling railcar units from BNSF switching yard connection in Sweetwater, TX, to the Buzzi Unicem cement plant in Maryneal, TX, thereby enhancing its efficiency and reducing shipping costs through eligibility for BNSF’s shipping programs.

Sweetwater Economic Development proposed to purchase 2 diesel locomotives for a price of up to $575,000.00.  Thereafter, Sweetwater Economic Development will lease the locomotives to Logistics Support, Inc. for the purposes mentioned.

Sweetwater Economic Development and Logistics Support, Inc believes that increased rail shipments will indirectly increase job opportunities in the Sweetwater area allowing Sweetwater to capitalize on its prime rail location.

Logistics Support met all of their contractual agreements 2 years early.



Abilene, Texas-based company

CAPE & SON is seeking to lease from Sweetwater Economic Development two (2) locomotives capable of pulling railcar units from its Sweetwater facility to the BNSF switching yard connection, for ultimate nationwide shipment, thereby, enhancing its efficiency and reducing shipping cost through eligibility for BNSF’s shipping programs.

Sweetwater Economic Development proposed to purchase two (2) locomotives for a price of up to Five Hundred Twenty Thousand dollars ($520,000.00).

Sweetwater Economic Development will then lease the locomotives to CAPE & SON for the purposes set out above.

It is contemplated by Sweetwater Economic Development and by CAPE & SON that increased rail shipments will indirectly increase job opportunities in the Sweetwater area, by allowing Sweetwater to capitalize on its prime rail location.

As of June 2016, all terms and conditions set forth in the agreement have been met.  Sweetwater Economic Development has transferred the title of the two (2) locomotives to CAPE & SON.

In July of 2018, Cape and Son came back to SEED to request assistance for purchasing additional land, installing additional track, and purchasing a ten-ton overhead crane. The were granted a $600,000 incentive and in return they were required to increase their rail traffic. As of February 2023, they are well on their way of completing the requirements of this agreement.


Fontana, California based company

Placed them in an available building and they refurbished and expanded.

Created 50 jobs and moved in 2-3 jobs

Manufactures secondary aluminum for automotive and aerospace industries

Sweetwater Economic Development offset the cost of the startup by making a loan that will be forgiven over a five year period if employment targets are met.

All targets were met and the loan was forgiven.


Sweetwater, Texas-based company

Needing to expand their operations, primarily for homeland security, LMI sought out Sweetwater Economic Development to help finance the expansion.

Sweetwater Economic Development coordinated an effort that included all three community banks and the Sweetwater Industrial Foundation to loan LMI $750,000. Sweetwater Economic Development guaranteed the loan which allowed LMI to borrow at the prime rate.

Sweetwater Economic Development provided a grant of $5,000 per job up to 100 jobs over a 15 year period. In just over two years, LMI had created 100 jobs and Sweetwater Economic Development provided $500,000 in incentives that were applied toward the construction of a new addition to the LMI operations. They currently employ over 400 at their Sweetwater locations.

Sweetwater Economic Development provided a loan guarantee of $2.5 million dollars for Ludlum’s to purchase a London, England based company. They currently employ 90 at their England location.

Ludlum Measurements is continuing to grow and expand their business. In August of 2022, the SEED MDD Board of Directors entered into two agreements. The first agreement was in the amount of $840,000, and this incentive would assist in the building of a 42,000 square foot building for Eljen Technologies, a Ludlum Measurement company located here in Sweetwater. The second agreement was in the amount of $220,000, and this would assist in the preparation of a future expansion at the the Ludlum Measurements headquarters.


Fort Worth, Texas-based company

Lonestar, seeking to take advantage of new opportunities, sought financing for a down payment on new tractor-trailer rigs. Sweetwater Economic Development provided a loan for this down payment which allowed Lonestar to hire new employees and provide better service to the local wallboard plants. They currently employ 45 at their Sweetwater location.


Buenos Aires, Argentina based company

EMA manufactures circuit breakers and grounding switches for sub-stations used in the wind turbine industry.

Sweetwater Economic Development was able to build a 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility and lease it back to EMA.

Sweetwater Economic Development also loaned EMA $286,000.00 for operating capital. They currently employ 14 at their Sweetwater location


Irving, Texas-based company

Shermco is a leader in electrical power system and wind generator repair, maintenance, testing, and training.

Sweetwater Economic Development assisted Shermco representatives in locating a permanent facility in Sweetwater


Sweetwater, Texas-based company

Sweetwater Economic Development assisted a group of four local electric service company employees in starting a Wind Service Repair Company.

Sweetwater Economic Development provided a Full-Time Employee (FTE) incentive-based on $3,000.00 per FTE. They currently employ 35 at their Sweetwater location


Sweetwater, Texas-based Technical College

Sweetwater Economic Development provided a matching grant of $325,000.00 to TSTC West Texas to secure funding for a $3,500,000.00 transportation training facility. They currently employ 166 at their Sweetwater location.


Atlanta, Georgia based company

Georgia Pacific manufactures gypsum wallboard.

Sweetwater Economic Development assisted Georgia Pacific in reopening a gypsum wallboard manufacturing plant in Sweetwater by providing a financial incentive of paying local property taxes for a 5 year period. They currently employ 70 at their Sweetwater location.

Sweetwater Economic Development has assisted many other companies through information, facility, and employee assistance.

In December 0f 2020, SEED entered into another agreement with GP. This incentive, in the amount of $2,500,000, would assist in the installation of a waterline to provide their new $300 million facility with the required amount of water. See the news story below on the unveiling of the new facility.



Manufacturers and sales a portable air conditioner and cooler

MDD was able to incentivize an expansion and keep them in Sweetwater

Purchase parts used in the manufacturing process from a local company known as West Texas Molding which is a division of Ludlum Measurements


One of the items on the Master Plan of our Park System

Through a cooperative program between the City of Sweetwater and Sweetwater Economic Development MDD, our MDD paid for the Newman Dog Park to be built and the City Staff designed and built the park


A regional building supply company

Through a cooperative agreement between Sutherland’s, The City of Sweetwater (380 Agreement), and Sweetwater Economic Development MDD (377 Agreement), we are able to offer some incentives which allowed them to purchase the former K-Mart building on I-20

Sutherland’s will occupy the western 70% of the building and will lease out the eastern 30% to another company

Sutherland’s has an interest in providing a pad site in their parking lot for a potential additional retailer or restaurant

Sutherland Lumber opened in March 2020.


On the community’s Master Parks Plan

MDD Board, with the support of the Sweetwater City Council, has agreed to build our first splash pad in Newman Park

Mustang Harbor Splash Pad opened in June of 2020.



In 2017, we commissioned a housing study that showed us that only 10 houses were built in the Sweetwater City Limits over a 10 year period.

SEED MDD is currently working with Bentgrass of Texas that, as of February 2023, has built 9 homes at the Southwood Terrace addition with another 22 on the way. We are also working Rick and Holly Betenbough to develop a 92 lot subdivision.

In 2022, Jose Villafranca completed three homes located on Skinny Drive. All three have been sold.

In total, SEED MDD has invested over $2,000,000 into housing for Sweetwater.



Started to assist in the remodeling of downtown buildings

The program will provide financial assistance to property owners seeking to renovate or restore their exterior signage, lighting, or commercial building facades

Designed to impact properties in need of revitalization, resulting in the improved exterior, visibility, and presentation of a business in our Downtown district

Will provide a 50% not to exceed $15,000 reimbursement for the funding of the well-designed improvements which will coordinate all the important features of the storefront into a more attractive image while creating, if necessary, an accessible entrance for the public.


In 2017, a housing study was conducted in Sweetwater and showed a lack in workforce housing.

Since the transition to a Municipal Development District, Sweetwater Economic Development is able to assist with the workforce housing issues.

Since 2017, SEED has worked with L2HI on the four unit Locust Street apartment complex, and PeyDex Partners on the 80 unit Oaks apartment complex.

Our Board of Directors will continue to work to increase the availability of desirable and modern rental housing units in our community.