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About Us

Sweetwater Economic Development

The Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development Municipal Development District (SEED MDD) was created by the voters in November 2017 and finalized in July 2018.  SEED MDD is a political sub-division formed to promote, assist, stimulate, and enhance economic development as well as the quality of life in Sweetwater. Sweetwater Economic Development is funded through a half-cent sales tax and governed by a 5-member Board of Directors who are appointed by the City’s governing body.

It is the job of the Municipal Development District to encourage job creation in Sweetwater and the extraterritorial jurisdiction area while providing businesses with incentive packages quickly and effectively.  Sweetwater Economic Development can also attract other businesses to Sweetwater such as retail, industrial offices, and distribution centers.

Along with creating jobs in the area, Sweetwater Economic Development can also assist in building projects to improve the lives of citizens.  These projects include park improvements, beautification of the community, housing, demolition of dilapidated structures, community development, infrastructure improvement, retail recruitment.

Sweetwater Economic Development could also bring community development.  The new system will allow our community to improve infrastructure and housing developments within Sweetwater and in the city’s outlying areas.