/ Facade Improvement Grant

Facade Improvement Grant

The Facade Improvement Grant Program will provide a fifty percent (50%) not to exceed $15,000 reimbursement for the funding of well-designed improvements which will coordinate all the important features of the storefront into a more attractive image while creating, if necessary, an accessible entrance for the public. This may include the restoration of architectural details, better windows and doors, well-proportioned signage and lighting, parking lot improvements, and much more. Applicants will be responsible for hiring licensed professionals to refine their conceptual design depending on the scope of the work. The Facade Improvement Grant is currently available for the Downtown District (9 square blocks around the Nolan County Courthouse) and Sweetwater’s main corridors (Lamar, Broadway, Hailey, and Elm).

For more information and to apply, please download the Facade Improvement Grant Application, fill it out and send it to Miesha@SweetwaterTexas.net.