/ Sweetwater Partners With The Retail Coach

Sweetwater Partners With The Retail Coach



Aaron Farmer, President, The Retail Coach
Tel. 662.231.0608 | afarmer@theretailcoach.net

Miesha Adames, Executive Director, SEED Municipal Development District
Tel. 325.235.0555 | miesha@sweetwatertexas.net

(Sweetwater, Texas) — The Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development Municipal Development District, The City of Sweetwater, and The Sweetwater and Nolan County Chamber of Commerce have partnered with The Retail Coach, the nation’s top retail recruitment and development firm, to expand Sweetwater’s retail base and boost the economy in the area.

Members of The Retail Coach Team were in Sweetwater during the first week of November to kick off the project.

The Retail Coach’s first step in this process will be to determine the Retail Trade Area, which is the defined boundary from which Sweetwater draws 80-85% of its primary consumers. Utilizing cell phone analysis technology, The Retail Coach team will analyze where consumers come from to shop and eat in Sweetwater.

Using that information, The Retail Coach will create retail profile reports and prepare marketing tools to represent the community to retailers, restaurants, and developers. To determine which dominant retail categories, have the highest prospects for success, a Retail Demand Analysis will be developed.  The Retail Coach will then use retailer matching methodology to identify what retail brands have the highest prospect of success in Sweetwater and reach out to these prospects on Sweetwater’s behalf.

The Retail Coach will also work closely with landowners and property owners to identify site opportunities for new retail development. The first question a retailer or developer asks is what sites are available in the community. To be ready and prepared to answer this question, The Retail Coach Team identified potential site opportunities while in Sweetwater and will be in touch with landowners and real estate contacts in the next few weeks.

About The Retail Coach

The Retail Coach, founded in 2000, is a national retail consulting, market research and development firm that combines strategy, technology, and creative expertise to develop and deliver high-impact retail recruitment and development strategies to local governments, chambers of commerce, and economic development organizations. The Retail Coach offers a fully customized system of products and services that better enable communities to maximize their retail development potential. Their experience in leading municipalities in over 650 communities in 40+ states will create better, stronger places to live and work.
For more information on The Retail Coach, visit www.theretailcoach.net

For more information on Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development Municipal Development District, visit https://sweetwatertexas.net/