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West Texas Wind - Re-Poweringwin

2017 is upon us and it looks like a windy proposition. As per the AWEA website, Texas currently has 18,531 of installed MW w/ another 5,040 MW under construction.

In our West Texas area, I've been hearing about the "re-powering" of existing turbines. Maybe someone can help me understand what would be included in "re-powering"? Is it the change out of generators, necelles and blades? Is it savings in weight, efficiencies, increased output, producing at lower wind levels, etc.? I'll be glad to buy your lunch so I can learn more about the "re-powering" effort.

As you begin to re-power your fleet of turbines, know that you do not need to go to Dallas or Houston to find companies that can dispose of the blades or tower parts. There is a company in West Texas, Abilene Environmental Landfill, that has experience doing that. They have worked for GE Wind, Vestas, and Gamesa. They have also worked with Nextera, Duke Energy, and Leeward Energy. For more information on them, check out their website at www.aelandfill.com