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At WesTex Connect our focus today is the same as it’s always been for 21 years — ensuring you have the most reliable wireless internet service experience possible.

Which couldn’t be more important than it is now! As this COVID-19 virus crisis creates an environment where you are likely looking to use any internet service differently. Spending increased time online for telehealth, telemedicine, paying bills online, working from home, school work on a laptop, phone or tablet, learning from a remote location.

At WesTex Connect we are taking a range of actions to ensure we continue to meet your needs at this critical time. We are ALL in this together!!

In cooperation with the City of Abilene, Abilene & Wylie Independent School Districts, plus other communities & school districts around the Big Country.

WesTex Connect ISP is LIVE with FREE WiFi Hotspots through-out the Big Country

• Students needing internet access
• General Public needing internet access • Telemedicine
• Telehealth


1st) PE Shotwell Stadium, address: 1525 E South 11th St, Abilene, TX 79602 (North parking lot). APPROVED & INSTALLED 2nd) Wylie Bulldog Stadium; address: 4334 Antilley Rd, Abilene, TX 79606. APPROVED & INSTALLED
3rd) Abilene Convention Center, address: 1100 N 6th St, Abilene, TX 79601. (North parking lot) APPROVED & INSTALLED 4th) Clyde, Texas: City Pavilion, address: 106 Cedar St, Clyde, TX 79510. APPROVED & INSTALLED

5th) Merkel, Texas: Badgers Stadium, address: South 7th & Haynes, APPROVED & INSTALLED
6th) Sweetwater, Texas: Sutherland’s Lumber, address: 210 SE Georgia Ave UNIT A, Sweetwater, TX 79556, APPROVED & INSTALLED 7th) Stamford, Texas: Farmer’s Co-Op Gin of Stamford, address: 504 S Swenson St, Stamford, TX 79553, APPROVED & INSTALLED

All you need to do is drive into the respective parking lot, stay in your vehicle, all the Social Distancing requirements & rules strictly enforced.

Users can access the internet through any digital device with WiFi capabilities, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

1. On your device, search for available networks and connect to WesTex_Connect_WIFI
2. The first time you connect it takes you to a page to accept the terms and conditions. Click FREE and then click I AGREE. 3. You should then be automatically connected to the Wifi

Work in Progress

8th) Anson, Texas: Tigers Stadium (pending). 9th) TBD - Need one (1) in Fisher County
10th) TBD - Need one (1) in Shackelford County

Tech Reqs: Each location will have ample bandwidth to serve 200-500+ simultaneous users depending on demand. Please reply with any questions.