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Renewable Energy - Wind and Solar

If you look at the picture above, you see wind turbines w/ the sun peaking through. The following article talks about wind continuing to expand due to the PTC and the costs coming down. On the other hand, it talks about solar as a renewable energy that has tough time ahead. Here is one of the paragraphs from the article: "The tax credit renewal has boosted the long-term outlooks for both industries. But in the short term, the subsidies are far more attractive for wind power, which has spurred utilities to launch wind projects while they scale back or delay solar installations."

Analysis: Wind is booming in US due to PTC extension, falling costs

(Philippe Huguen/Getty Images)

The wind energy Production Tax Credit extension and new cost-lowering technology continue to spur wind development in the US, making it an attractive place for wind-related investments, according to this analysis. Observers attribute these trends, in part, to new investment decisions from NextEra Energy, Xcel Energy and Southern Co. Reuters (12/15)