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Press Release .... for immediate release
July 20, 2018
Sweetwater, Texas:  In 2013, the BNSF Railway and commodity merchandising company Cape & Son built a multi commodity unit transload facility in Sweetwater, Texas.  Cape & Son acquired the facility in 2005 as a cottonseed warehouse and grain elevator to add to its operations in the southern United States. The 2013 project upgraded and expanded operations by adding more than 7 ½ miles of track to handle grain shuttles, sand, pipe, aggregate, and building materials with room to expand into other types of freight and products.

With that in mind, Geoff Haney, President and CEO of Cape & Son, visited with Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development Municipal Development District Board members. The company is rapidly growing and looking to expand again. The Board of Directors of SEED MDD and the Sweetwater City Commissioners have agreed to assist in their proposed expansion.


SEED MDD will provide Cape & Son a grant in the amount of $600,000.00 towards funding an additional 5,159 feet of new rail track, the purchase and installation of an overhead crane, and the purchase of additional land.  In exchange for the grant, Cape & Son agrees to substantially increase railcar numbers through the transload yard by a specified number of cars over the next four years (exclusive of existing business). 

“Sweetwater is a great community to operate in, and we appreciate SEED MDD working with us.  Growth in the region has been very good, and we look forward to new expansion opportunities​", said Haney.



​For additional information on Cape and Son, go to their website at ​


​For additional information on Sweetwater Economic Development, 
contact Larissa Place, Marketing Director at 325-235-0555 or go 
to their website at www.sweetwatertexas.net​