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Oil & Gas Update

Interesting take on oil & gas and renewable energy

Texas Energy Clips

San Antonio Business Journal

Slight rebound for new drilling as crude oil prices get comfortable in the mid-$40s

By Sergio Chapa

July 25, 2016


It's not a rebound, but figures released on Friday show that new drilling is picking up in the Lone Star State as crude oil prices get comfortable in the mid-$40-per-barrel range.

After flirting above the $50 per-barrel mark a couple of times, West Texas Intermediate crude has been seesawing in the mid and upper $40 per-barrel range for the past three week. Figures from the Baker Hughes Rig Count released on Friday show a slight uptick and that Texas made up all the gains in new drilling activity for the United States…

Houston Chronicle

Why renewables still need fossil fuels -- for now: You've heard of natural gas as a "bridge fuel." Here's what that means

By Lydia DePillis

July 26, 2016


You don't need to know much about wind and solar technologies to realize that they're not much use when the sun doesn't shine and the wind doesn't blow. That's why power grids need some other source of energy to draw from at nights and on calm days -- most often natural gas plants that can be turned on and off quickly, so as to minimize wasted energy.

But it also appears that having those "fast-reacting" fossil fuel plants around may have actually fostered the growth of renewables as well, according to a new working paper published today by the National Bureau of Economic Research…