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Commissioner Craddick speaks at Roseland Oil & Gas Show

Texas Railroad Commissioner Christi Craddick recently spoke at the Roseland Oil & Gas "West Texas Showdown" in Midland at the Horseshoe Arena.  Commissioner Craddick spoke about the differences in the Permian Basin and other Shale Plays in Texas.  Texas is fortunate to have Shale Plays like the Barnett, the Eagle Ford, and now Shale Plays in the Permian Basin.  The main differences in the Texas Shale Plays is that the Barnett and Eagle Ford have one layered formation play and the Permian has from 10-14 layers.

In talking specifically about the Permian Basin, of which Nolan County in part of the Eastern Shelf of the Permian Basin, she stated that the new fracing technology has just recently been introduced to the Permian Basin and will be able to take a Basin once thought as near its end and project it for many many decades to come.  She also stated that in 2014, Oil & Gas companies in Texas paid out $15.7 Billion in taxes and in mineral payments.  Transportation was another part of her discussion and the Commissioner stated that with all the traffic in Texas (through population growth and the increased Oil & Gas industry), we are one of the few states that traffic accidents have increased in the last 5 years where most states have experienced a decrease in accidents.  She also mentioned that in the November election, Proposition 7 will be on the ballot to take funds that have been diverted away from TXDOT and give them back to TXDOT for road construction and repairs.  Proposition 7 is NOT a tax increase, it's moving money back to TXDOT that had been diverted away. Commissioner Craddick also talked about the need to do better and be smarted about fresh water, water reuse, brackish water, and water conservation.

Commissioner Craddick grew up in Midland and is an attorney that specialized in oil and gas, water, tax issues, electric deregulation, and environmental policy.  She has been a Commissioner at the Texas Railroad Commission since 2012.  She has followed her father and mother into public service as her father, Tom Craddick,  has been in the House of Representatives since 1969 and also served from 2003 - 2009 as the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives.  Commissioner Craddick's mother, Nadine (Nayfa) Craddick, is a native of Sweetwater. 

Commissioner Craddick is pictured w/ Ken Becker, SEED Executive Director, while at the Midland Roseland event.