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(Nolan County – 2010-2011)

586,700 acres in Nolan County
               Land mass:
                              Total:    914 square miles
                              Land:     912 square miles
                              Water: 2 square miles
               Approximately 2-3% of the land is used for residential
               456,700 acres of permanent pasture (grass land)
               120,000 acres Crop land approx of which:
                              55,000 acres Cotton
                              23,000 acres of Wheat (9,000 for grain and 14,000 for grazing)
                              7,000 acres of Milo
                              8,000 acres of Hay
                              15,200 acres in CRP (conservation reserve program)
                              8,000 acres in improved grasses
                              3,800 acres in other
Farm Service Agency (FSA) payments to producers (on average)
               Direct payments on production subsidies   $851,000.00
               Crop disaster payments avg. $950,000.00
               Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) $523,000.00
               Livestock feed disaster payments avg. $650,000.00
               Non-insured Assistance Program (NAP) $185,000.00
                              (Non-traditional commodity crops such as Sudan)
               Fences damaged or destroyed in 2011 wildfires will be reimbursed at approx.
                              $1,600,000.00 in cost share to rebuild
Cattle estimated numbers show to be approximately 14,000.
Estimated 400 people work directly in agriculture during a normal year with average rainfall
Agriculture land is also where energy producers are located
               Wind:    1371 turbines (1 MW or larger – 2060 MW total)
               Oil:        825 working oil wells